Readers, welcome back to another issue of our newsletter. This month's issue will showcase our United Camp Meeting, World Pathfinder Day, and a Movie night hosted by Joshua and Calvary Cross Sabbath School Classes.



GYNC United Camp Meeting 2022 was held on September 10th at Camp Berskhire under the theme "I WILL GO SEND ME ." United Camp Meeting is an annual event that brings together various ministry groups and cultures within the constituency to fellowship and worship together. Pastor Jose Rojas, this year's meeting's guest speaker, reminded all in attendance of the significance, sanctity, and solemnity of the name of God. He emphasized how we sometimes take the name of God for granted, as if it were simply another name, yet it is to be held to a higher standard than any other name and not spoken in vain.



 "CHANGING THE WORLD"  This year, pathfinders from across the world focused on how they can affect change in their communities and with individuals they interact with. Every year, the clubs commemorate World Pathfinder Day by reflecting on the year's accomplishments and how they might use those lessons to become better leaders for today and the future.



The movie "Remember the Goal," which emphasized the importance of focusing on the goal and not letting distractions to impair your progress, was shown during a movie night organized by Joshua and Calvary's Cross Sabbath School Class. This Christian movie uses the analogy of cross-country running, the training, timing, and stamina required to win the race. It requires perseverance, just like our Christian journey, to win this Christian race, not allowing distractions to keep us from attaining our objective.