WELCOME BACK! This month's edition will feature our Chess Tournament, Sight and Sound Trip and Youth Week of Prayer.



Queens Gambit Chess Tournament

Thank you to everyone who attended and contributed to the Youth Department's Queens Gambit Chess Tournament. Twelve people took part in the tournament on July 17th, and the first few rounds only lasted 30 minutes per game. Points were used to break ties if there was no more time.
A player by the name of Faby stood out for his skill, had the most victories, and was still unbeaten halfway through the match. Therefore, the other competitors had to determine who would face him in the final through a series of lightning rounds (ten-minute matches). Gareth and Faby ultimately competed for the championship. The first Yonkers Seventh Day Adventist Chess Tournament saw Faby emerge victorious, and he was awarded a trophy.

Sight and Sound Trip

The church's annual Sight and Sound trip was finally held after many years due to the pandemic. Over 15 churches were represented and we had over 60 attendees. The bus departed at 7am for our 3 hour drive to Pennsylvania. While on the bus, members were able to enjoy Doubles and other types of foods and refreshments.

The Sight and Sound production was an inspiring 2 hour play entitled David, based on the biblical story. With great songs and amazing acting, the story was brought to life, even to the point where some of our fellow watchers were moved to tears.

After the production, we were able to enjoy a meal and socialize with one another before finally heading back home to NY.



Youth Week of Prayer

Inspiring, uplifting, and thought-provoking. The Youth Week of Prayer, conducted from July 24th to July 30th with pastor Dudley Francois, was nothing short of incredible. The youth were challenged night after night to keep their attention on Christ and where he's leading them. Pastor Dudley highlighted to everyone in attendance that our first aim in receiving salvation is our relationship with Christ and not our "good works". He used biblical examples to show how we as Christians should strengthen our connection with Christ and stop making excuses for our conduct. The youth were informed and invigorated not only for the week but the future that awaits them.

The Youth Department would like to thank everyone who came out and supported and encouraged the youth.