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We here at Yonkers Church love our community. I actually grew up in Yonkers a couple of blocks away. So this is my community. Also, this was my very first church. I was dedicated as a baby right here. Although I was born in a Christian home, I needed to be "born again" which happened at the age of 16. Since those early years at Yonkers church, I have gone to other churches when my father became a pastor. Then I became a pastor myself and worked in Indiana and in Queens, NY. Now life has taken me full circle and I am back at Yonkers church, and have been given a humbling responsibility to be the pastor of this congregation. I cannot do this on my own. It is my plan to let the Lord be the Shepherd. With Him as our leader I believe Yonkers Church has great days ahead. So I invite you all to join me as we move forward together. I look forward to meeting and getting to know each of you during my time here. 

Can't wait to meet you in person.

-Wayne Jamel, Pastor